Bethel Songs



Angels: 2012: Brian Johnson
Be Lifted High: 2011: Brian Johnson
Come To Me: 2012: Jenn Johnson
Deep Cries Out: 2011: William Matthews
Draw Near: 2012: Jeremy Riddle
Fall Afresh: 2012: Jeremy Riddle
Forever And A Day: 2011: Jenn Johnson
Furious: 2011: Jeremy Riddle
God Of The Redeemed: 2011: Jeremy Riddle
God, I Look To You: 2011: Jenn Johnson
Here Is Love: 2009: Brian Johnson
Healer: 2009: Leah Valenzuela
Hope’s Anthem: 2011: William Matthews
I Need You More: 2009: Kim Walker (Jesus Culture)
I Will Exalt: 2011: Amanda Falk-Cook
I’ve Found A Love: 2009: Jenn Johnson
King Of Wonders: 2009: Chris Quilala
Let Heaven Shout: 2009: Kristene Muller
Love Came Down (If My Heart Is Overwhelmed): 2011: Brian Johnson
My Dear: 2012: Hunter Thompson
My Soul Sings: 2009: Brian Johnson
One Thing Remains: 2011: Brian Johnson
One Thing Remains: 2012: Brian Johnson
One Thirst: 2011: Jeremy Riddle and Steffany Frizzell
This is What You Do: 2012: Matt Stinton
Walk In The Promise: 2012: Jeremy Riddle
What Does It Sound Like: 2009: Brian Johnson
What Would I Have Done: 2011: Brian Johnson and Jenn Johnson
Worthy Is The Lamb: 2009: Brian Johnson
You Are Good: 2011: Brian Johnson
You Have Won Me: 2012: Brian Johnson
You Know Me: 2012: Steffany Frizzell
You Make Me Happy (Spontaneous Song): 2009: Jenn Johnson
Your Presence: 2009: Jenn Johnson


01: Brian Johnson: To Our God
02: Jenn Johnson: Our Father
03: Jenn Johnson: Everything To You (Spontaneous Song)
04: Jeremy Riddle: This Is Amazing Grace
05: Brian Johnson: You Have Won Me
06: Brian Johnson and Jenn Johnson: I Really Love You (Spontaneous Song)
07: Jenn Johnson: Who You Are
08: Brian Johnson: Forgiven
09: Jeremy Riddle: In Your Light
10: William Matthews: Freedom
11: Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger: Closer
12: Matt Stinton: This Is What You Do
13: Brian Johnson: For The Sake Of The World

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