First Call

First Call is an American Christian vocal trio, founded by Marty McCall, Bonnie Keen, and Melodie Tunney in 1985.

For the official website, see First Call.

Here is a list of First Call members past and present.

Bonnie Keen
David Maddux
Marabeth Jordan
Marty McCall
Melodie Tunney

1985: An Evening In December
1986: Undivided
1987: An Evening In December 2
1987: Somethin’ Takes Over
1989: God Is Good
1992: Human Song
1993: Concert Medley
1993: Sacred Journey
1994: La Razon De Cantar
1995: The Early Years
1995: Beyond December
1996: Comienza A Sanar
1996: First Call
2000: Friends Forever
2006: Rejoice
2007: The Definitive Collection
2016: Second Birth

Bonnie Keen: 1999: Marked For Life
Bonnie Keen: 2006: God Of Many Chances
Dennis Jernigan: 2004: Hands Lifted High
Glen Campbell: 1992: Wings O Victory
Marty McCall: 1997: Images Of Faith
Melodie Tunney
Various Artists: 1988: Prism – Red
Various Artists: 1989 Our Hymns
Various Artists: 1990 Our Christmas
Various Artists: 1990 Handel’s Young Messiah
Various Artists: 1993 Breakaway Praise 2
Various Artists: 1993 The New Young Messiah
Various Artists: 1993 One Special Christmas
Various Artists: 1996 Tribute – The Songs Of Andrae Crouch
Various Artists: 1998 Artists A Cappella – The Signature Songs
Various Artists: 2005: Pressing On

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