First Call

First Call is an American Christian vocal trio, founded by Marty McCall, Bonnie Keen, and Melodie Tunney in 1985.

For the official website, see First Call.

Here are First Call members past and present.

Bonnie Keen
David Maddux
Marabeth Jordan
Marty McCall
Melodie Tunney

1985: An Evening In December
1986: Undivided
1987: An Evening In December 2
1987: Somethin’ Takes Over
1989: God Is Good
1992: Human Song
1993: Concert Medley
1993: Sacred Journey
1995: The Early Years
1995: Beyond December
1996: First Call
2000: Friends Forever
2006: Rejoice
2007: The Definitive Collection
2016: Second Birth

Bonnie Keen: 1999: Marked For Life
Bonnie Keen: 2006: God Of Many Chances
Dennis Jernigan: 2004: Hands Lifted High
Glen Campbell: 1992: Wings O Victory
Marty McCall: 1997: Images Of Faith
Melodie Tunney
Various Artists: 1988: Prism – Red
Various Artists: 1989 Our Hymns
Various Artists: 1990 Our Christmas
Various Artists: 1990 Handel’s Young Messiah
Various Artists: 1993 Breakaway Praise 2
Various Artists: 1993 The New Young Messiah
Various Artists: 1993 One Special Christmas
Various Artists: 1996 Tribute – The Songs Of Andrae Crouch
Various Artists: 1998 Artists A Cappella – The Signature Songs
Various Artists: 2005: Pressing On

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