Styx, an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois, was formed by Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo, and Dennis DeYoung in 1972.

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John Curulewski left Styx in 1975 and was replaced by Tommy Shaw.

Tommy Shaw left Styx in 1984.

John Curulewski died in 1988.

Tommy Shaw rejoined Styx in 1995.

Todd Sucherman joined Styx in 1995 to replace John Panozzo who had health problems.

John Panozzo died in 1996.

Dennis De Young, due to a chronic disorder that made him sensitive to light and sound at concerts, was forced to leave Styx, replaced by Lawrence Gowan in 1999.

Here were the Styx vocalists.

Dennis DeYoung
James Young
Tommy Shaw


1972: Styx
1973: Styx 2
1973: The Serpent Is Rising
1974: Man Of Miracles
1975: Equinox
1976: Crystal Ball
1977: The Grand Illusion
1978: Pieces Of Eight
1979: Cornerstone
1981: Paradise Theatre
1983: Kilroy Was Here
1984: Caught In The Act
1990: Edge Of The Century
1997: Return To Paradise
1999: Brave New World
2005: The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings

1984: Caught In The Act
1997: Return To Paradise

Dennis DeYoung: 1984: Desert Moon
Dennis DeYoung: 1986: Back To The World
Dennis DeYoung: 1989: Boomchild
Dennis DeYoung: 1994: 10 On Broadway
Dennis DeYoung: 1996: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Dennis DeYoung: 2004: The Music Of Styx
Dennis DeYoung: 2007: One Hundred Years From Now
Dennis DeYoung: 2014: Live In Los Angeles
James Young: 1988: Out On A Day Pass
Tommy Shaw: 1984: Girls With Guns
Tommy Shaw: 1985: Live In Japan
Tommy Shaw: 1985: What If
Tommy Shaw: 1987: Ambition
Tommy Shaw: 1988: Seven Deadly Zens
Tommy Shaw: 2011: The Great Divide
Tommy Shaw: 2017: Sing For The Day

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