My Gear

This is my vocal microphone, Shure SM-58.

This is my vocal processor, Boss VE-20.

I need a mixer like the Mackie PROFX12v2 or Soundcraft EFX12.

I need speakers.

This is my electric guitar, Gretsch G5622T-CB Electromatic.

I need a wireless solution like the Boss WL-20 or Boss WL-50.

These pedals, Boss TU-3, Boss OD-20, Boss DS-1-4A, Boss NS-2, are on pedal board one, Boss BCB-60.

These pedals, Boss MD-500, Boss DD-500, Boss RV-500, are on pedal board two, Boss BCB-60.

This is my digital interface, Boss DI-1.

This is my amplifier, Boss Katana Head.

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