How To Use Shure MVi With Ableton Live

Shure MVi is a digital audio interface for audio recording that connects a microphone or instrument to a computer or mobile device.

For the purpose of this page, the computer runs Ableton Live on Windows.

In Sound Control Panel on Windows, enable the following devices.

Speakers: Shure Digital
Microphone: Shure Digital

In Ableton Live, Shure Mvi may show up as a MME (Microsoft Multimedia Environment) Direct X driver with the following options.

Input: Microphone (Shure Digital) DX
Output: Speakers (Shure Digital) DX

Input: Microphone (Shure Digital) Wave
Output: Speakers (Shure Digital) Wave

Shure MVi may require the ASIO4ALL driver to emulate ASIO and run on Ableton Live.


Direct monitoring allows monitoring the sound directly through a digital audio interface in order to reduce latency.

When direct monitoring a live recording, in Ableton Live, select Audio, Monitor, and click on the Off button.

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