Planetshakers is the contemporary worship music band of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia.

I Know Who You Are” was sung by Joth Hunt, on the 2016 “Momentum” live extended play, in the key of D sharp major or E flat major (D# | Eb).

I Know Who You Are” was sung by Samantha Evans, on the 2016 “Overflow” live album, in the key of D major (D), one key lower than the original version.

For the official website, see Planetshakers.

Here is a partial list of Planetshakers vocalists past and present.

Joth Hunt
Samantha Evans


Planetshakers Church, founded by senior pastors, Russell Evans and Samantha Evans, was launched in Melbourne, Australia on February 08, 2004.

Jonathan Hunt is also known as “Joth” which comes from his brother’s mispronunciation of his name when they were younger.


2000: When The Planet Rocked
2000: So Amazing
2001: Phenomena
2002: Reflector
2002: Open Up The Gates
2003: My King
2003: Rain Down
2005: Evermore
2005: Always And Forever
2005: Decade
2006: Pick It Up
2006: Arise
2006: Praise Him
2006: Worship Him
2006: All That I Want
2007: Never Stop
2007: Saviour Of The World
2008: Free
2008: Beautiful Saviour
2008: All For Love
2009: One
2009: Deeper
2010: Even Greater
2010: Nothing Is Impossible
2012: Heal Our Land
2013: Limitless
2014: Endless Praise
2014: This Is Our Time
2015: #LetsGo
2015: Outback Worship Sessions
2016: Momentum
2016: Overflow
2017: Legacy 1
2017: Legacy 2
2017: Legacy
2017: Christmas
2018: Heaven On Earth 1
2018: Heaven On Earth 2
2018: Heaven On Earth

2013: Limitless
2014: Endless Praise
2014: This Is Our Time
2015: #LetsGo
2016: Overflow
2017: Legacy
2018: Heaven On Earth


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