MercyMe, an American Christian band, was founded by Bart Marshall Millard, James Phillip Bryson, and Michael John Scheuchzer, in Edmond, Oklahoma in 1994.

I Can Only Imagine,” from the 2001 “Almost There” studio album, was led by Bart Millard in the key of E major (E).

All Of Creation,” from the 2010 “The Generous Mister Lovewell” studio album, was led by Bart Millard in the key of A sharp or B flat major (A# | Bb).

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Bart Millard, lead vocalist of MercyMe, was born Bart Marshall Millard in Greenville, Texas on December 01, 1972.


1995: Pleased To Meet You
1997: Traces Of Rain
1998: Traces Of Rain 2
1999: The Need
1999: The Worship Project
2000: Look
2001: Almost There
2002: Spoken For
2004: Undone
2005: The Christmas Sessions
2006: Coming Up To Breathe
2007: Coming Up To Breathe – Acoustic
2007: All That Is Within Me
2009: Ten
2010: The Generous Mister Lovewell
2011: The Worship Sessions
2012: The Hurt And The Healer
2014: Welcome To The New
2015: The Platinum Collection
2015: It’s Christmas
2017: Lifer
2021: Inhale, Exhale
2022: Always Only Jesus

2002: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow
2004: Live
2009: Ten

2004: Various Artists: The Passion Of The Christ
2005: Bart Millard: Hymned
2008: Bart Millard: Hymned Again

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