Toto – 1982 – Toto 4

The “Toto 4” studio album was released on April 8, 1982.

Rosanna” was sung by Steve Lukather and Bobby Kimball.

I Won’t Hold You Back” was sung by Steve Lukather.

Waiting For Your Love” was sung by Bobby Kimball.

Africa” was sung by David Paich and Bobby Kimball.

Artist: TOTO
Year: 1982
CD: Toto 4

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01: Rosanna
02: Make Believe
03: I Won’t Hold You Back
04: Good For You
05: It’s A Feeling
06: Afraid Of Love
07: Lovers In The Night
08: We Made It
09: Waiting For Your Love
10: Africa

01: Steve Lukather and Bobby Kimball: Rosanna
02: Bobby Kimball: Make Believe
03: Steve Lukather: I Won’t Hold You Back
04: Bobby Kimball: Good For You
05: Steve Porcaro: It’s A Feeling
06: Steve Lukather: Afraid Of Love
07: David Paich: Lovers In The Night
08: Bobby Kimball: We Made It
09: Bobby Kimball: Waiting For Your Love
10: David Paich and Bobby Kimball: Africa

Bobby Kimball
David Paich
Steve Lukather
Steve Porcaro

@ P4MU
Afraid Of Love
Good For You
I Won’t Hold You Back
It’s A Feeling
Lovers In The Night
Make Believe
Waiting For Your Love
We Made It

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