Wayne Watson

Wayne Watson, born October 05, 1954 in Wisner, Louisiana, is an American Christian singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and winner of multiple Dove awards.

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In 1988, Wayne Watson won the Dove Award for Pop-Contemporary Album of the Year with the 1987 “Watercolour Ponies” album.

In 1989, Wayne Watson won the Dove Award for Song of the Year with “Friend Of A Wounded Heart” from the 1987 “Watercolour Ponies” album.

In 1989, Wayne Watson won the Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year.


1992: Watercolour Ponies
1998: The Way Home
2005: For Such A Time As This

1978: Canvas For The Sun
1980: Workin’ In The Final Hour
1982: New Lives For Old
1984: Man In The Middle
1985: The Best Of Wayne Watson
1985: Giants In The Land
1987: Watercolour Ponies
1988: The Fine Line
1990: Home Free
1991: The Early Works
1992: How Time Flies
1993: A Beautiful Place
1994: One Christmas Eve
1995: The Very Best
1995: Field Of Souls
1998: The Way Home
1999: Signature Songs
2000: Wayne Watson
2002: Living Room
2004: Signatures
2007: The Definitive Collection
2007: Even This
2008: King Of Kings
2016: Simple Life

1987: In Concert
1994: It’s Time

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First Call
Sandi Patty
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