Tommy Shaw

Tommy Shaw, or Tommy Roland Shaw, born September 11, 1953, is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist of Styx.

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Tommy Shaw joined Styx in 1975, replacing John Curulewski.

Tommy Shaw left Styx in 1984, replacing John Curulewski.

Tommy Shaw formed Damn Yankees in 1989 with Jack Blades, Ted Nugent, and Michael Cartellone.

Ted Nugent left Damn Yankees in 1994 to revive his solo career which left Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades to form Shaw Blades.

Tommy Shaw rejoined Styx in 1995.


1984: Girls With Guns
1985: Live In Japan
1985: What If
1987: Ambition
1988: Seven Deadly Zens
2011: The Great Divide


Damn Yankees: 1990: Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees: 1992: Don’t Tread
Shaw Blades: 1995: Hallucination
Shaw Blades: 1995: Influence
Styx: 1972: Styx
Styx: 1973: Styx 2
Styx: 1993: The Serpent Is Rising
Styx: 1974: Man Of Miracles
Styx: 1975: Equinox
Styx: 1976: Crystal Ball
Styx: 1977: The Grand Illusion
Styx: 1978: Pieces of Eight
Styx: 1979: Cornerstone
Styx: 1981: Paradise Theatre
Styx: 1983: Kilroy Was Here
Styx: 1990: Edge of the Century
Styx: 1999: Brave New World
Styx: 2003: Cyclorama
Styx: 2005: Big Bang Theory
Styx: 2017: The Mission

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