Ambrosia, an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, was formed by David Pack, Joe Puerta, Christopher North, and Burleigh Drummond in 1970.

How Much I Feel (Live Version),” from the 2006 “Midnight Special 1978” DVD, first appeared on the 1978 “Life Beyond LA” studio album, led by David Pack in the key of E major (E).

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David Pack and Joe Puerta were the lead vocalists for Ambrosia.


In 1970, Ambrosia was founded as a quartet with guitarist-vocalist David Pack, bassist-vocalist Joe Puerta, pianist-organist, Christopher North, and drummer, Burleigh Drummond.

In 1983, Ambrosia disbanded.

In 1989, Ambrosia reunited.

In 2001, David Pack left Ambrosia.


1975: Ambrosia
1976: Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled
1978: Life Beyond LA
1980: One Eighty
1982: Road Island
1997: Anthology

2004: Real Artists Working

David Pack: 1985: Anywhere You Go
David Pack: 2004: Unborn
David Pack: 2005: The Secret Of Movin’ On
David Pack: 2007: David Pack
David Pack: 2010: Fearless
David Pack: 2014: Napa Crossroads
David Pack: 2015: Silent Night
Various Artists: 2006: The Midnight Special 1978: How Much I Feel
Various Artists: 2006: The Midnight Special 1980: Biggest Part Of Me

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