Air Supply

Air Supply is an Australian soft rock duo founded by Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock.

Graham Russell, born Graham Cyril Russell on June 11, 1950, is an English singer-songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of Air Supply.

Russell Hitchcock, born Russell Charles Hitchcock on June 15, 1949, was an Australian drummer and singer for the 19th Generation band and is the lead vocalist of Air Supply.

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1976: Air Supply
1977: The Whole Thing’s Started
1977: Love And Other Bruises
1979: Life Support
1980: Lost In Love
1981: The One That You Love
1982: Now And Forever
1983: Greatest Hits
1985: Air Supply
1986: Hearts In Motion
1987: The Christmas Album
1991: The Earth Is
1993: The Vanishing Race
1995: News From Nowhere
1997: The Book Of Love
2001: Yours Truly
2003: Across The Concrete Sky
2010: Mumbo Jumbo

2001: The Definitive DVD Collection

Graham Russell: 2007: The Future
Of Eden: 2013: Feel
Russell Hitchcock: 1988: Russell Hitchcock
Russell Hitchcock: 2006: Take Time
Russell Hitchcock: 2011: Tennessee

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