Chicago is an American band formed in 1967 in Chicago Illinois. The band started out as The Big Thing with six members — Danny Seraphine, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Robert Lamm, Terry Kath, and Walter Parazaider.

If You Leave Me Now” was led by Peter Cetera in the key of B major (B).

The Greatest Love On Earth,” from the 1978 “Hot Streets” studio album, was led by Peter Cetera in the key of A sharp major or B flat major (A# | Bb).

Hard To Say I’m Sorry” was led by Peter Cetera in the key of E major (E).

Hard Habit To Break” was led by Peter Cetera and Bill Champlin in the key of F sharp major or G flat major (F# | Gb).

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In 1968, The Big Thing became the Chicago Transit Authority after adding tenor vocalist and bassist, Peter Cetera.

In 1985, Peter Cetera left Chicago, the band, and started a successful solo career.


1969: Chicago 1 – Chicago Transit Authority
1970: Chicago 2 – Chicago
1971: Chicago 3
1971: Chicago 4 – At Carnegie Hall
1972: Chicago 5
1973: Chicago 6
1974: Chicago 7
1975: Chicago 8
1975: Chicago 9 – Greatest Hits 1
1976: Chicago 10
1977: Chicago 11
1978: Hot Streets
1979: Chicago 13
1980: Chicago 14
1981: Chicago 15 – Greatest Hits 2
1984: Chicago 16
1984: Chicago 17

2003: Soundstage

Peter Cetera

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