Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson, born Jennifer Louise Rock on April 15, 1982, is an American Christian worship leader and co-founder of Bethel Music with husband Brian Johnson.

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Jennifer Rock married Brian Johnson in 2000.




Bethel: 2009: Here Is Love
Bethel: 2011: Be Lifted High
Bethel: 2012: The Loft Sessions
Bethel: 2013: For The Sake Of The World
Bethel: 2013: Without Words
Bethel: 2013: Tides
Bethel: 2013: Discover
Bethel: 2014: Tides Live
Bethel: 2014: You Make Me Brave
Bethel: 2015: We Will Not Be Shaken
Bethel: 2015: Without Words – Synesthesia
Bethel: 2016: Have It All
Bethel: 2017: Starlight
Bethel: 2018: Moments
Bethel: 2019: Victory
Bethel: 2019: Without Words – Genesis
Bethel: 2020: Peace
Bethel: 2020: Revival’s In The Air
Bethel: 2021: Homecoming
Bethel: 2021: Peace 2
Bethel: 2022: Simple
Bethel: 2023: Come Up here
Brian & Jenn Johnson: 2001: Undone
Brian & Jenn Johnson: 2006: We Believe
Brian & Jenn Johnson: 2008: Where You Go, I Go
Brian & Jenn Johnson: 2017: After All These Years

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