Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald, born in Saint Louis, Missouri, on February 12, 1952, is an award-winning American singer-songwriter and pianist who writes for himself and other artists.

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Michael McDonald joined the Doobie Brothers in 1976.

Michael McDonald left the Doobie Brothers in 1982.

Michael McDonald married Amy Holland, an American singer-songwriter, in 1983.

Michael McDonald was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music in 2011.


1982: If That’s What It Takes
1985: No Lookin’ Back
1986: Sweet Freedom
1990: Take It To Heart
1993: Blink Of An Eye
2000: Blue Obsession
2001: In The Spirit
2003: Motown
2004: Motown Two
2005: Through The Many Winters
2008: Soul Speak
2017: Wide Open
2017: Soundstage – Live On Soundstage
2018: Season Of Peace

2001: A Gathering Of Friends
2003: Sondstage
2004: Soundstage
2008: Soundstage – Motown
2010: Soundstage – This Christmas
2018: Soundstage – Live On Soundstage

Ambrosia: 1997: Anthology
David Pack: 1985: Anywhere You Go
Doobie Brothers: 1976: Takin’ It To The Streets
Doobie Brothers: 1977: Livin’ On The Fault Line
Doobie Brothers: 1978: Minute By Minute
Doobie Brothers: 1982: One Step Closer
Doobie Brothers: 1983: Farewell Tour
First Call: 1996: First Call
Kenny Loggins: 1979: Keep The Fire
Kenny Loggins: 1993: Outside From The Redwoods
James Ingram: 1983: It’s Your Night
Patti LaBelle: 1986: Winner In You
Various Artists: 1986: Running Scared

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