Side A

Side A, a pop band from the Philippines, was founded by former lead vocalist and saxophonist, Rodel Gonzalez, in 1985.

Rodel Gonzalez became a Christian in 1990.

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Mar Dizon, Pido Lalimarmo, and Rodel Gonzalez left Side A in 1990.

Kelly Badon left Side A in 2005

Joey Benin left Side A in 2008.


Here is a list of Side A members past and present.

Original Members:
Kelly Badon
Joey Benin
Mar Dizon
Naldy Gonzalez
Pido Lalimarmo
Rodel Gonzalez

Former Members:
Benjamin Mendez
Kelly Badon
Joey Benin
Joey Generoso
Mar Dizon
Pido Lalimarmo
Rodel Gonzalez

Current Members:
Ernie Severino
Leevon Cailao
Naldy Gonzalez
Ned Esguerra
Yubs Esperat

1989: Side A
1991: White Album
1993: Blue Album
1994: Hold On
1995: By Your Side
1996: Forevermore
1996: Until Then – Single
1996: Live – The 10th Anniversary Concert
1997: Year 12
1998: Ang Ating Awitin
1999: Remember December
2000: The Gold Collection
2000: Will I Ever
2001: The Platinum Collection
2002: Acoustic Love Songs
2003: Titanium
2004: Anthology
2004: Side A
2005: Gig
2009: 18 Greatest Hits
2009: Only 1
2015: Merry Christmas – Single
2017: Wish That You Were Here – Single

2003: Live
2005: Gig

Joey Generoso: 2012: Stand

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