Steve Perry

Steve Perry, born Stephen Ray Perry on January 22, 1949, is an American singer-songwriter and former lead vocalist of Journey.

Steve Perry does not have an official website.

On Fan Asylum, see Steve Perry.


In 1977, Steve Perry replaced Robert Fleischman, then lead vocalist of Journey.

In 1998, Steve Perry left Journey.


1984: Street Talk
1994: For The Love Of Strange Medicine
1995: Perry’s Coming
1998: Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased
2018: Traces

2018: Ultimate Media Collection

Journey: 1975: Journey
Journey: 1976: Look Into The Future
Journey: 1977: Next
Journey: 1978: Infinity
Journey: 1979: Evolution
Journey: 1980: Departure
Journey: 1980: Dream, After Dream
Journey: 1981: Captured
Journey: 1981: Escape
Journey: 1982: Frontiers
Journey: 1986: Raised On Radio
Journey: 1988: Greatest Hits
Journey: 1996: Trial By Fire
Journey: 1998: Greatest Hits Live
Journey: 2001: Arrival
Journey: 2002: Red 13
Journey: 2005: Live In Houston 1981
Journey: 2005: Generations
Journey: 2008: Revelation
Journey: 2011: Eclipse
Journey: 2011: Greatest Hits 2
Various Artists: 1998: Quest For Camelot

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