My Gear List

This is my wish list.


Shure sets the worldwide industry standard for superior microphones and audio electronics.

The Shure SM58 vocal microphone enhances the warmth and clarity of lead and backup vocals especially in a live performance.

The Shure Beta 58A vocal microphone provides high output for close-up vocals in live performance or studio recording.

This is the Shure SM57 instrument microphone.

This is the Shure Beta 57A instrument microphone.

Boss, a division of Roland, specializes in musical equipment and accessories.

The Boss VE-500 vocal processor provides singers with specialized effects including harmony, double-track, dynamics, reverb, delay and so much more.


This is the Takamine TSF48C Santa Fe electro-acoustic guitar.

This is the Taylor 914ce Grand Auditorium electro-acoustic guitar.

This is the Boss AD-10 Acoustic Preamplifier.

This is the Boss Acoustic Singer Pro.

This is the Fender Acoustic Pro.


This is the Gretsch G5622T Electromatic.

This is the Fender Stratocaster American Professional HSS Shawbucker electric guitar.

Here is the prospective pedal chain.

This is the Boss WL-60.

This is the Boss TU-3.

This is the Boss CS-3.

This is the Boss CP-1X.

This is the Boss SY-1.

This is the Boss SY-300.

This is the Boss NS-2.

This is the Boss OD-200.

This is the Boss MD-500.

This is the Boss DD-500.

This is the Boss RV-500.

This is the Boss EQ-200.

This is the Boss RC-10R.

This is the Boss BCB-60.

The pedals, listed above, under Electric Guitar, may all fit on one of these pedalboards.

This is the Temple Audio Duo 34 pedalboard.

This is the Temple Audio Trio 43 pedalboard.

This is the Boss ME-80 Guitar Multiple Effects pedal.

This is the Boss GA-FC.

This is the Boss Katana Head.

This is the Boss Katana Cabinet 212.

This is the Boss Nextone Artist.

This is the Boss DI-1 direct box.


This is the Fender Jazz 5 Player electric bass guitar.

This is the Ampeg BA-108 bass guitar amplifier.

This is the Ampeg BA-210 bass guitar amplifier.


This is the Yamaha MX88 keyboard synthesizer.

This is the Yamaha MODX8 keyboard synthesizer.


Roland or Yamaha? Any other brand?


Mackie PROFX12v2 or Soundcraft EFX12?


JBL or Yamaha?


This is the Truetone CS7 power supply.

This is the Furman PST-8 power conditioner.

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