Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture is an American Christian international youth outreach ministry of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

Banning Liebscher, born March 12, founded Jesus Culture in 1999.

For the official website, see Jesus Culture.


Jesus Culture moved from Redding, California to Sacramento, California, to plant a church in 2013.

Here is a partial list of Jesus Culture vocalists past and present.

Bryan Torwalt
Chris McClarney
Chris Quilala
Katie Torwalt
Kim Walker-Smith
Melissa Wise-How


2006: Everything
2007: We Cry Out
2008: Your Love never Fails
2009: Consumed
2010: My Passion
2010: Come Away
2011: Awakening
2012: Live From New York
2014: Reconstructed – Volume 1
2014: Unstoppable Love
2015: This Is Jesus Culture
2016: Let It Echo
2016: Let It Echo – Unplugged
2017: Love Has A Name

2007: We Cry Out
2008: Your Love never Fails
2009: Consumed
2010: Come Away

Bethel: 2009: Here Is Love
Bryan & Katie Torwalt: 2011: Here On Earth
Bryan & Katie Torwalt: 2013: Kingdom Come
Bryan & Katie Torwalt: 2015: Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Bryan & Katie Torwalt: 2016: Champion
Bryan & Katie Torwalt: 2017: Christmas
Chris Quilala: 2016: Split The Sky
Kim Walker: 2008: Here Is My Song
Kim Walker-Smith: 2012: Still Believe
Kim Walker-Smith: 2013: Home
Kim Walker-Smith: 2014: When Christmas Comes
Kim Walker-Smith: 2017: On My Side
Kim Walker-Smith: 2018: On My Side (Live)
Various Artists: 2012: Emerging Voices

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