4Him, multiple award-winning American Christian vocal quartet, was formed in 1990 by Mark Harris, Kirk Sullivan, Marty Magehee, and Andy Chrisman, from a roster of Truth vocalists.

The Only Thing I Need” first appeared on the 1999 “Streams” studio album by Various Artists, and was sung by 4Him with guest vocalist, Jon Anderson, former lead singer of Yes, as Mark Harris and Andy Chrisman provided co-lead vocals, while Kirk Sullivan and Marty Magehee sang counterpoint and harmony vocals.

4Him does not have an active website.

For the official Facebook page, see 4Him.


On September 23, 2006, 4Him disbanded after their last concert at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama.

Here are the 4Him vocalists.

Andy Chrisman
Kirk Sullivan
Mark Harris
Marty Magehee


1990: 4Him
1991: Face The Nation
1992: The Basics Of Life
1993: Christmas – The Season Of Love
1994: The Ride
1996: The Message
1998: Obvious
1999: Best Ones
2000: Hymns – A Place Of Worship
2001: Chapter One – A Decade
2001: Walk On
2003: Visible
2004: Simply 4Him
2006: Encore – For Future Generations

1991: Face The Nation
1992: The Basics Of Life
1995: The Ride – Comes Alive
1996: Message – In The Making
2006: Encore – For Future Generations

Dallas Holm: 1993: Chain Of Grace
John Tesh: 2000: Pure Hymns
Mylon LeFevre: 1993: Faith, Hope And Love
Truth: 1990: Live
Various Artists: 1993: The New Young Messiah
Various Artists: 1995: My Utmost For His Highest
Various Artists: 1995: Christmas Carols
Various Artists: 1999: Streams

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