SDCF – January 22, 2023

Here are the songs for January 22, 2023.

Click on the track number to watch the videos.

01: Great Things (G): Phil Wickham
02: Evidence (G): Josh Baldwin
03: Give Me Faith (G): For All Seasons
04: Great is Thy Faithfulness (D): Austin Stone Worship

Great Things,” first appeared on the 2018 “Living Hope” studio album, was sung by Phil Wickham in the key of B major (B).

Everything,” first appeared on the 2020 “Evidence” studio album and released by Bethel Music, was sung by Josh Baldwin in the key of G major (G).

Give Me Faith,” first appeared on the 2010 “Kingdom Come” studio album and performed live on the 2011 “For The Honor” debut live album, was led by Chris Brown in the key of A major (A).

Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” from the 1986 “Hymns” studio album by Second Chapter Of Acts, inductees to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, was led by Matthew Ward in the key of D sharp major or E flat major (D# | Eb).

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