Styx – 1979 – Cornerstone

Styx released “Cornerstone” studio album on October 19, 1979.

Artist: STYX
Year: 1979
CD: Cornerstone

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01: Lights
02: Why Me
03: Babe
04: Never Say Never
05: Boat On The River
06: Borrowed Time
07: First Time
08: Eddie
09: Love In The Midnight

01: Tommy Shaw: Lights
02: Dennis DeYoung: Why Me
03: Dennis DeYoung: Babe
04: Tommy Shaw: Never Say Never
05: Tommy Shaw: Boat On The River
06: Dennis DeYoung: Borrowed Time
07: Dennis DeYoung: First Time
08: James Young: Eddie
09: Tommy Shaw: Love In The Midnight

Dennis DeYoung
James Young
Tommy Shaw

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