James Griffin

James Griffin, or Jimmy Griffin, born James Arthur Griffin on August 10, 1943 in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, co-founding member of Bread, and one of the lead vocalists.

Just Like Yesterday” first appeared on the 1972 “Baby, I’m A Want You” studio album by Bread and was sung by James Griffin in the key of C major (C).

James Griffin does not have an official website.

Some of his recordings are available at Wraysong.


In 1968, James Griffin and Robb Royer teamed with David Gates to form Bread.

In 1970, James Griffin won an Academy Award for Best Original Song as co-writer of “For All We Know” which became a hit for the Carpenters.

Bread disbanded in May 1973.

In 1976, Bread reunited.

In 1977, Bread disbanded again.

In 1996, Bread reunited again.

In 1997, Bread disbanded again, but this time would be the last.

James Griffin died on January 11, 2005.


1963: Summer Holiday
1973: Breakin’ Up Is Easy
1977: James Griffin
2010: Jimmy Griffin
2013: Just Like Yesterday
2018: The Archive Series – Volume 1
2019: The Archive Series – Volume 2
2020: The Archive Series – Volume 3
2021: The Archive Series – Volume 4



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