Chicago – 1984 – Chicago17

The “Chicago 17” studio album was released in May 14, 1984.

This was the last album that featured Peter Cetera as a band member, and he left in 1985.

Hard Habit To Break” was led by Peter Cetera and Bill Champlin in the key of F sharp major or G flat major (F# | Gb).

You’re The Inspiration” was led by Peter Cetera in the key of G sharp major or A flat major (G# | Ab).

Year: 1984
CD: Chicago 17

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01: Stay The Night
02: We Can Stop The Hurtin’
03: Hard Habit To Break
04: Only You
05: Remember The Feeling
06: Along Comes a Woman
07: You’re The Inspiration
08: Please Hold On
09: Prima Donna
10: Once In A Lifetime

01: Peter Cetera: Stay The Night
02: Robert Lamm: We Can Stop The Hurtin’
03: Peter Cetera and Bill Chaplin: Hard Habit To Break
04: Robert Lamm and Bill Champlin: Only You
05: Peter Cetera: Remember The Feeling
06: Peter Cetera: Along Comes a Woman
07: Peter Cetera: You’re The Inspiration
08: Bill Champlin: Please Hold On
09: Peter Cetera: Prima Donna
10: Bill Champlin and Peter Cetera: Once In A Lifetime

Bill Champlin
Peter Cetera
Robert Lamm

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Along Comes a Woman
Hard Habit To Break
Once In A Lifetime
Only You
Please Hold On
Prima Donna
Remember The Feeling
Stay The Night
We Can Stop The Hurtin’
You’re The Inspiration

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Chicago 17

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