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Kenny Loggins, born Kenneth Clark Loggins on January 07, 1948, is an award-winning American singer-songwriter and guitarist who writes for himself and other artists.

Forever,” from the 1985 Vox Humana studio album, was sung by Kenny Loggins in the key of D# major or E flat major (D# | Eb).

Kenny Loggins is half of the duo, Loggins & Messina.

Kenny Loggins is third of the trio, Blue Sky Riders.

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Loggins & Messina reunited in 2005 to perform on the “Sittin’ In Again” tour.

Kenny Loggins co-founded Blue Sky Riders, a musical trio, with Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr in 2012.


1976: Celebrate Me Home
1978: Nightwatch
1979: Keep The Fire
1980: Alive
1982: High Adventure
1985: Vox Humana
1988: Back To Avalon
1991: Leap Of Faith
1993: Love Songs of Kenny Loggins
1993: Outside – From The Redwoods
1994: Return To Pooh Corner
1997: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
1997: The Unimaginable Life
1998: December
2000: More Songs From Pooh Corner
2001: Christmas Time Is Here
2002: The Essential Kenny Loggins
2003: It’s About Time
2007: How About Now – Target Edition
2008: The Essential Kenny Loggins – Limited Edition
2008: How About Now
2009: All Join In – QVC Edition
2010: All Join In – Disney Edition
2013: Frosty The Snowman
2017: Live On Soundstage

1980: Alive
1992: Live From the Grand Canyon
1993: Outside – From The Redwoods
1996: Return To Pooh Corner
2010: All Join In – Disney Edition
2017: Live On Soundstage

Blue Sky Riders: 2013: Finally Home
Blue Sky Riders: 2013: Finally Home For Christmas
David Foster: 2008: Hit Man
David Foster: 2011: Hit Man Returns
Michael McDonald: 2001: A Gathering Of Friends
Taylor Guitars: 2004: 30th Anniversary Concert
Winans: 1993: All Out
Various Artists: 1980: Caddyshack
Various Artists: 1984: Footloose
Various Artists: 1985: We Are The World
Various Artists: 1986: Top Gun
Various Artists: 1987: Over The Top
Various Artists: 1988: Caddyshack 2
Various Artists: 1996: The Songs Of West Side Story
Various Artists: 1996: One Fine Day
Various Artists: 2007: New Music From An Old Friend
Various Artists: 2008: Legends And Lyrics – Volume 2

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